How to Shoot Car Photography

It doesn’t matter if you like muscle cars, JDM, or anything else; we can agree on one thing. We want to take better shots of our cars and others. But unfortunately, not all of us know how to create stunning photography.

Despite that, everything can be learned, and with a couple of minor tweaks, you could get to the next level. So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

First, we’d like to pick the correct time to do your car photo shoot. When you do it randomly, you might find out that your photos look bad. So when is the best time to take pictures of your car?

Well, there are two times: when it’s partially cloudy or during the golden hour. That’s because, during these times, the shadows are soft, which makes your pictures look better.


Additionally to that, you should shoot your cars with a polarizing lens. That’s because these lenses are excellent at making your colors pop and removing any unwanted reflections. And even if you use your phone for pictures, then there are lenses for them as well.

And lastly, we’d recommend you pick your locations wisely! While your car should be the centerpiece of your photos, the picture will likely look bad if your background isn’t interesting. So instead of doing that, try to find some locations with some breathtaking landscapes or cityscapes.